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Our facility features a 12,500-square-foot indoor campus with batting cages, a fitness center, full kitchen, pitching mounds and programmable pitching machines, as well as a 2,500-square-foot outdoor pitching and fielding practice area. Across the street, we also home a 12,000-square-foot little league practice infield called Prospect Park.

Our arsenal includes 5 Tripleplay Ultra automatic baseball pitching machines, 1 Tripleplay Ultra automatic softball pitching machine, and 1 Jugs softball self feed pitching machine. Automatic machines deliver pitches at 40-90MPH across the strike zone offering a variety of major league pitches. We are also home to the HitTrax fourth generation system, elevating your training with the latest in baseball analytics and simulation technology.


We are a reservation only facility. Please note, cage availability is limited as cages are first reserved for private lessons and the Beach City Prospects travel team practice.

BCBA members also get rental priority.

Rentals are exclusively made online at the link below.

For the best experience, use a desktop computer.

WEEKDAY RENTALS (Monday-Friday): Cage rental availability is posted daily by 9:00 PM the night prior. These are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

WEEKEND RENTALS (Saturday-Sunday): You can reserve your slots one week in advance for rentals on a Saturday or Sunday. 

How to Reserve:

  1. Visit our self service website, select "Book Sessions," and choose your desired day and time. Available times are shown in blue; if none are visible, check back later for updates or cancellations. NOTE: if the sessions page is jumbled, you have selected a spot that was not available or "blue". Please reload the page and try again. 

  2. Select the available time slot and either use existing credits or purchase new ones.

  3. Note that Cage 2-7 have automatic pitching machines, but occasionally may be marked as "cage only-no machine" on the booking website. These are scheduled at our discretion and are best suited if you plan to do t-work or BP with a partner. The Backyard is available for fielding and pitching without machines, priced the same as cages. Cage 6 & 7 also have indoor pitching mounds.



HITTRAX RENTALS: The HitTrax system, a game-changer in baseball training, combines smart simulation with interactive metrics for a comprehensive training experience. HitTrax enables our players to see direct statistics vital to becoming a higher level hitter. The results allow players to learn and correct their swing immediately. The program offers leaderboard tracking and gives players a better visual and mental idea of what their swing should look and feel like while they are practicing. The metrics captured in real-time and displayed immediately include: Exit VelocityLaunch AngleDistancePoint of ImpactPlay OutcomeStrike Zone AnalysisHigh Speed Video with integrated metrics. 


How to Reserve: Reserve a cage with HitTrax Gen 4 through our self-service website, the same way all cage rentals are made. Available slots will be indicated as "Cage Rental w/ HitTrax."


  • 30 MINUTE SESSION - $30

  • FOUR (4) 30 MINUTE SESSIONS - $100


BCBA CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Elevate your game by unlocking an extraordinary range of benefits and perks designed to enhance your practice experience. Our BCBA Club Membership offers unparalleled benefits for the dedicated player, including:

  • Unlimited Cage Access: Practice to your heart's content with free, unlimited access to our batting cages, pitching mounds and cutting-edge HitTrax system, ensuring you can hone your skills anytime (subject to availability).

  • Guest Privileges: Bring along up to 2 friends for no extra charge.

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy: Freeze or cancel anytime.

  • Note: Please limit bookings to up to one hour/one cage at a time. For longer sessions, please inquire at the time of your visit.


  • $150/Month

  • One time $50 initiation fee

In the interest of safety and fairness, a maximum of two individuals are allowed inside a cage at any given time. Safety gear must be worn at all times. Please note that we retain the discretion to modify cage assignments and reserve the right to decline service if these regulations are not adhered to. 


Exclusive Membership Experience at Beach City Baseball Academy:

  • Sophisticated Workout Oasis: In collaboration with 3CS Athletics, our curated 1100 sq. ft. athletic center boasts state-of-the-art gym equipment. Limited to the discerning athlete.

  • Privileged Access & Exclusivity: Dive into your workout routine undisturbed. Available weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and weekends from 11 AM to 3 PM, with a cap of 8 members at any given moment, you're guaranteed an intimate and premium workout setting, devoid of the usual gym crowd.

  • Prestige Membership Packages: At $180/month for individuals, 3Cs gym membership gives access to this fitness elite club. Add members of your household for an additional $50/month each.

  • Seamless & Personalized Booking System: Hand-select your preferred workout windows through the user-friendly PushPress software on 3CS Athletics website. Membership offers unlimited use of the gym facility second to private and group trainings. 

  • All members must be vetted by 3Cs Athletics Founder, Gilbert Camacho, prior to joining the membership program. If membership is at capacity, a waitlist is offered.


We offer a wide range of packages to suit every need and budget, so you can create the perfect celebration for your special occasion. Whether you're planning a birthday party or corporate event or looking for a unique filming location, our spacious and versatile space is the perfect choice.

No matter which package you choose, you'll have access to our state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen and sound system.

Contact us today to learn more about our party rental packages and to schedule a tour of our facility. We can't wait to help you plan your next unforgettable event!


To book a party from the package list below, please email

To host all other types of parties and events, or to rent the entire facility or Prospect Park: Please email

In the media: Prospect Park

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"Attending a birthday party at Beach City Baseball Academy was an absolute blast! The moment we stepped into the facility, the energy and excitement were contagious. The activities and games were so much fun, and the kids had an amazing time. From batting practice to running the bases, everything was well-organized and tailored to the birthday boy's love for baseball. It was an unforgettable experience, and I highly recommend BCBA for an action-packed and memorable birthday celebration!"
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