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Private skills-sharpening lessons are the most reliable path you can take to becoming a more valuable player in the coming season. One-on-one training gives the player the undivided attention of a professional coach that can provide personalized instruction based on an individual skills evaluation, specific guidance to resolve problems, and help to shape developing athletes of every skill level and every position.

If you are looking to have a few lessons to refine specific skills, we're happy to help schedule you with week-to-week sessions up to two weeks in advance. If you're looking for more consistent training, we offer lesson packs at discounted rates, tailored to accommodate weekly recurring lessons. This means that a client will have a spot reserved for them indefinitely, purchasing packages as needed, until they choose to pause. Each session is a half hour. Choose from half-hour or hour sessions with professional instructors that can help refine all skill sets, such as batting, fielding, catching and pitching for both Baseball and Softball. All lessons will default to a hitting lesson. Please specify the skill you would like to work on at the time you make the reservation or at the time of service. 

Before coming to BCBA for the first time for any type of visit, we ask that you register your child through our self-service portal. Be sure to enter your child's information. If you have already visited BCBA but are unsure of your log in information, please call or email us and we will gladly send a username registration link for access. Once registered, you may do one of the following to get in the schedule.

  • Regular Weekday Lessons (Monday through Friday): After completing your registration, kindly contact us at 310-322-3955 to schedule. This can be for recurring slots or for 'one-offs.' This is the only way to get a desired slot. Our team will assist you in selecting a suitable time slot.

  • Last-Minute Weekday Lessons: Occasionally, we offer last-minute lesson slots that are accessible through our self-service website by navigating to the available time slots. Please note that these slots are allocated on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis and are not often available. We do not advise solely relying on these last-minute openings for scheduling your lessons.

  • Weekend Lessons: For lessons scheduled on weekends, you have the flexibility of either calling us directly at the above-mentioned number or using our self-service website. To book online, simply visit the 'Book Sessions' tab and select the upcoming weekend to view available time slots.

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All discounted lesson packages are valid for 6 months from purchase and are non-refundable to ensure the highest quality of training with our team of expert coaches. We recommend booking sessions with your preferred coach early for the best experience, but rest assured, quality training is guaranteed with any of our professionals and packages apply to every trainer at Beach City Baseball Academy should your first choice not be available. Please be aware of our 24-hour cancellation policy; sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance, late cancellations, or no-shows will be deducted as a single session from your package or charged accordingly, ensuring fairness and respect for both our clients and coaches.


At Beach City Baseball Academy, we're passionate about nurturing the next generation of baseball stars. Our specialized youth clinics are designed to provide your child with a unique opportunity to develop their baseball skills in a fun, supportive, and professional environment for an affordable rate. Tailored for young athletes, these clinics are the perfect stepping stone for your child's journey in baseball. Whether they're just starting out or looking to refine their skills, our clinics provide the perfect blend of learning and enjoyment.

​About The Clinics:

  • Focused & Efficient Training for Kids: In just one hour, watch your child thrive at our group clinics. These sessions are packed with age-appropriate drills and exercises, honing skills in batting, pitching, and fielding. It's an action-filled hour where your young player will learn and grow under expert guidance.

  • Small Groups, Personalized Attention: Each clinic has a limited capacity of 12 kids, ensuring your child receives the personalized coaching they deserve. With a 6:1 player-to-coach ratio, our focus is on nurturing your child’s baseball talents.

  • A Community for Young Players: Beyond skill development, our clinics offer your child a chance to be part of a passionate baseball community. They’ll make new friends, share their love for the game, and enjoy a rewarding experience that extends beyond the field.

  • How to Sign Up: Signing up is easy and accessible through convenient online registration. Choose the right clinic for your young athlete by navigating to any upcoming Friday on our 'Book Sessions' page and scroll down to Cage 5, or feel free to call us for personal assistance in reserving their spot.

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At Beach City Baseball Academy, we're dedicated to sparking and nurturing your child's love for baseball and softball. Our seasonal camps are meticulously crafted to accommodate every young athlete, regardless of their experience level. From beginners to seasoned all-stars, our camps, offered on almost all school holidays and three separate weeks every summer, offer an enriching environment where young players can elevate their game.

About Our Camps:

  • All-Skill Levels Welcome: Whether your child is picking up a bat for the first time or they're on their way to becoming an all-star, our camps are tailored to meet their needs.

  • Professional Instruction: Campers receive top-notch training focusing on the fundamentals of baseball and softball. Our seasoned coaches cover everything from hitting and pitching to base-running and position-specific mechanics.

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: We emphasize overall athletic growth. Your child will engage in activities that enhance agility, strength, and conditioning, vital for on-field performance.

  • Fun and Engaging: It’s not just about training; it's about having a blast! Campers enjoy exciting games and activities, fostering a love for the game while improving their skills.

  • Community and Friendship: Our camps are more than just a training ground; they're a place for young athletes to bond with peers, form lasting friendships, and immerse themselves in the joyful spirit of baseball and softball.

Easy Registration: Registering for our camps is hassle-free. You can either call us for a more personal touch or conveniently register online.

Stay Updated: To keep up with our upcoming camps, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or check out the "Upcoming Events" on this website.

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