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Beach City Baseball Academy is the leading 13 and under program in the area, and home to the renowned Beach City Prospects 8U-13U competitive travel baseball teams. Our focus is on providing a environment where players can thrive, grow, and become well-rounded athletes. With an unwavering commitment to their development, we aim to create memorable and positive experiences for every player as they proudly represent our organization.

The Prospects play all year round and have various opportunities to develop their skills, including a multitude of tournament play, fitness and agility training, batting practice in our state-of-the-art facility, and field practice with scrimmages. Our intense practices allow players to learn, improve, and demonstrate their skills, commitment, and sportsmanship, earning more playing time and the chance to explore different positions.

Our coaching philosophy emphasizes family, cooperation, respect, loyalty, commitment, and shared responsibility. Success and adversity alike serve as powerful learning experiences, shaping character and resilience. We instill in our players a spirit that asks, "What have I done for my team today?" Striving for excellence, we empower our athletes to embrace challenges and overcome setbacks by helping them to understand that, to a person of good character with a winning attitude, both victory and adversity are powerful learning experiences. Our coaches lead by example, teaching players that no matter how hard the loss, or how lopsided the final score, the only true loss to take to heart is the loss of an opportunity to give your all to your team and the game. We hope that Prospects players leave our program knowing that when we each do our best and give the game our full effort, it’s not the strikeouts that define us–it’s how we deal with them that determines if we are winners.

Our vision encompasses unmatched skill development and extends beyond the game. We aspire for each Prospect to graduate from our program enriched with life skills—teamwork, perseverance, and a sense of fulfillment—that translate into success in all walks of life. Joining Beach City Baseball Academy means embarking on a journey where love for baseball ignites personal growth and lifelong friendships, in an ambiance where every player, from 8U to 13U, grows as part of a family, nurtured by consistent coaching and mentorship both on and off the field.


At Beach City Baseball Academy, we understand that choosing the right program for your child is a significant decision that can shape their athletic journey and personal growth. We believe that it is important to ask yourself these questions: Are the teams parent-coached? Is there a dedicated facility with resources available for training? How many coaches are in the program? How many tournament opportunities are there? How many teams are in the program? Are there robust practices with fitness training? The answer to these is what sets The Beach City Prospects apart from other programs.

1. Professional Coaching: One of the most critical factors for your child's development is the coaching they receive. At Beach City Baseball Academy, our teams are expertly and professionally coached by dedicated individuals with extensive experience in baseball. Our coaches are not just knowledgeable about the sport but are also adept at nurturing young talent, instilling essential values, and fostering a love for the game. They are active members of the community and are dedicated to developing and growing with their teams, from 8U to 13U and beyond. 

2. Dedicated Facilities: We take pride in offering a one of a kind training facility with a welcome-to-all club house feel, equipped with state-of-the-art resources for training and practice sessions. Our top-notch facility, home to a private infield, 7 pitching mounds, 5 automatic triple play ultra pitching machines and a HitTrax baseball simulator, is designed to create an optimal learning environment for players, enabling them to hone their skills, enhance their techniques, and achieve their maximum potential.

3. Unmatched Player Development: Player development is at the core of our program. We go beyond merely teaching baseball skills, which Prospects coach excel at; we focus on fostering a strong work ethic, teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. Our mission is to help your child grow both on and off the field, nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared for success in any endeavor they pursue.

4. Abundance of Tournament Opportunities: We understand that exposure to competitive play is crucial for a player's growth. That's why we provide numerous tournament opportunities throughout the entire year. Our players get to test their skills against other talented teams year round, building confidence, gaining valuable experience, and improving their performance under pressure. The Prospects play in tournaments hosted by many organizations including NCS, USSSA, Triple Crown and PG. Every 12U team culminates their years of practice at the legendary Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament, which has led to thrilling Beach City victories, underscoring the exceptional skill and coaching prowess at Beach City Baseball Academy.

5. Ideal Coach-to-Player Ratio: We take pride in maintaining an optimal 6:1 coach-to-player ratio to ensure each athlete receives personalized attention and guidance. This approach allows us to understand each player's unique strengths and areas of improvement, tailoring our coaching to suit their specific needs.

6. Extensive Program Options: We offer a range of program options tailored to different age groups and skill levels. Whether your child is new to the sport or an experienced player looking to take their skills to the next level, we have a program that suits them perfectly.

7. Emphasis on Fitness Training: A well-rounded athlete requires more than just technical skills. Our robust practices include fitness training, ensuring that our players develop the physical stamina, agility, and endurance necessary for peak performance in the game.

8. Thriving Community: The Beach City Prospects is more than just a baseball team; it's a close-knit community of players, coaches, and families who share a passion for the sport. Your child will have the opportunity to build lasting friendships and create cherished memories both on and off the field.

9. Training, Merchandise and Membership Discounts: All Prospects receive a 10% discount on private lessons and retail items and a 50% discount on the BCBA facility rental membership while their contract is active to encourage players to get as much practice in as possible. 

Choosing the right youth baseball team is a decision that can profoundly impact your child's future in the sport and beyond. At Beach City Baseball Academy, we are committed to providing a transformative experience for young athletes, empowering them to become not only outstanding baseball players but also outstanding individuals. Join us today and witness the difference that professional coaching, exceptional facilities, and a supportive community can make in your child's baseball journey!

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We understand that each young athlete has unique needs and ambitions, and that's why we offer both recreational and competitive teams to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

Recreational Teams: Our recreational teams provide the ideal platform for players who may not be quite ready for the commitment of competitive play or those who wish to refine their skills before venturing into a more intense tournament schedule. In a supportive and ambitious environment, players get to experience the joy of baseball and develop their abilities with the guidance of our expert coaches, with parents kindly on the sidelines. These teams take part in the esteemed South Bay Pony League, where they engage in competition with other local teams.

Travel Teams: For those seeking a more intense and competitive experience, our elite travel teams are the perfect choice. Beach City hosts teams ranging from 8U-13U, with team members starting as young as 6 and graduating through the program exceedingly ready for the high school level. These dedicated teams regularly compete in at least two high-caliber tournaments every month year round, facing off against top teams from major tournament networks across Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. With fierce rivalries and challenging matchups, our travel teams offer the competition and gratification that ambitious young players thrive on.

At Beach City Baseball Academy, we are not just a baseball program; we are a tight-knit community of players, coaches, and families who share a passion for the sport. We believe in nurturing both the skills and character of our players, instilling in them values that extend beyond the field. Whether your child is taking their first steps in baseball or dreams of becoming a top-tier player, our program is designed to foster growth, confidence, and lasting memories. Join us today and be a part of the extraordinary journey with The Beach City Prospects!

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BCBA hosts tryouts two times per year for the Fall and Spring Seasons. 


Upcoming tryouts can be found on the home page under "upcoming events." Tryout dates will also be sent out via email and social media. 

Every season, all potential Prospect players are required to try out. If a player demonstrates at tryouts that they are ready for competitive play, but a spot is not immediately available, we encourage them to stay in our system and play on a recreational team. Opportunities may arise for players on our recreational teams to move up to our competitive teams, and similarly, players on our competitive teams may move to recreational teams due to lack of performance or unforeseen circumstances. Click HERE to find out which age group your child belongs to. 

For makeup tryouts and all other specific inquiries, please contact Ryan Lopez, Director of Baseball Operations


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