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BCBA Newsletter: Answers to Your Burning Prospects Questions

Welcome to the New Season!

We are excited to kick off another great season with the Beach City Prospects at Beach City Baseball Academy (BCBA). Here’s all you need to know about our practices, tournaments, and commitments for the upcoming season.

Practice Schedule

Each team has a scheduled two-hour weekly practice. If there are no tournaments scheduled, an additional practice will be held on the weekends. Consistent practice is crucial for the development of our players, so we emphasize regular attendance. Prospects also receive a 50% discount on monthly membership that offers unlimited cage rental access and rental priority, free HitTrax use, as well as a 10% discount year round on all private lesson packages.


Tournaments are a significant part of our program, with most teams playing 2-3 a month. These events require a large time and energy commitment, and attendance is mandatory. Most tournaments are located within Los Angeles and Orange counties. Additionally, each team participates in at least one specialty tournament per season, which may be in a farther location and incur an additional fee, however participation in these tournaments are optional.


Each contract runs on a monthly payment schedule, with the amount depending on the team and tournament entry fees at the start of each season. This fee covers all essential costs, and there will be no additional mandatory fees. This ensures transparency and allows families to plan their budgets with confidence, knowing there are no hidden costs.

Season Timeline

The fall season starts in August and runs through January. A new contract will commence in January for the Spring season that runs through the June, so Prospects play 11 months out of the year. At BCBA, we expect long-term commitment from each player. Joining a team means growing with that team and those teammates until you graduate from the program with them.

Tryouts and Team Formation

We are committed to accepting exceptional players and those who demonstrate outstanding potential for growth. We will not form additional teams unless we have the right players to uphold our academy’s standards. We are looking forward to welcoming new talents at our upcoming tryouts. We do not believe in forming B teams just to increase numbers; quality and potential are our priorities.

We hope this newsletter answers all your questions. We look forward to another fantastic season at BCBA!

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Best Regards,

Beach City Baseball Academy

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