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Beach City Prospects 11U Team Dominates Memorial Day Tournament

The Beach City Prospects 11U Woods team showcased exceptional talent and teamwork by winning the Memorial Day tournament gold bracket with an impeccable record of 6-0. Playing with only nine players, each member played every game, demonstrating their remarkable stamina and skill. Below are the highlights from their victorious journey:

Game 1: Beach City Prospects 11U Woods Trounce Los Altos 11U All-Stars

The Prospects started strong, easily defeating the Los Altos 11U All-Stars 9-1. Despite Los Altos scoring first, Beach City quickly took control with key hits from Ethan C and strong pitching by James A. The team’s patience at the plate and aggressive base running, with eight stolen bases, highlighted their dominance.

Game 2: Beach City Prospects 11U Woods Hold Off Long Beach 6th Tool Blue 11U For Victory

In a closer match, the Prospects edged out Long Beach 6th Tool Blue 11U with a 4-2 victory. Ethan C’s solid pitching and Tanner B’s two hits led the team, with a crucial double play and nine stolen bases showing their defensive and offensive prowess.

Game 3: Cole M’s Big Day Propels Beach City Prospects 11U Woods Past Cali National Garcia 11U

Cole M was the star, driving in four runs on three hits, leading to a 17-6 win over Cali National Garcia 11U. The Prospects amassed 15 hits and 14 stolen bases, with standout performances from Jetson D, Ethan C, and Wes R. Tanner B’s strong pitching secured the win.

Game 4: Jetson D Drives 4 Runners Home In Victory Over PCH Munoz 11U

Jetson D’s four RBIs and multiple hits powered the Prospects to a 12-7 victory against PCH Munoz 11U. Wes R’s solid pitching and the team’s 11 hits and 12 stolen bases highlighted their offensive strength. James A and Ethan C also contributed significantly with their batting and base running.

Game 5: Beach City Prospects 11U Woods Beat HB Stingrays 11U Pouelsen

The Prospects continued their winning streak by defeating HB Stingrays 11U Pouelsen 4-2. Cole M’s strong pitching and Kai A’s multiple hits led the team, with flawless fielding and key hits from Jetson D and Ethan C.

The Beach City Prospects 11U Woods team's flawless performance in the tournament is a testament to their skill, determination, and teamwork. Their ability to dominate with a limited roster highlights their exceptional talent and strategic play.

Congratulations to the team for their outstanding achievement and for bringing home the gold!


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