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Cage Rentals at Beach City Baseball Academy

Looking for a dedicated space to sharpen your baseball or softball skills? Look no further than Beach City Baseball Academy! In addition to our renowned training programs, we are excited to offer cage rentals, providing athletes with the perfect environment to practice and refine their game. With cage rentals available by reservation only, we ensure that you have exclusive access to our top-notch facilities. In this blog post, we'll explore the convenience and details of cage rentals at Beach City Baseball Academy, allowing you to take your training to the next level.

  1. Reservation-Based Cage Rentals: At Beach City Baseball Academy, we prioritize providing a focused and personalized training experience for all athletes. That's why our cage rentals are available by reservation only. This ensures that you have a dedicated time slot to practice without any distractions. By reserving a cage, you can maximize your training efficiency and make the most of your practice sessions.

  2. Accessing Cage Rentals: Securing a cage rental is simple and hassle-free. Visit our home page and navigate to our self-service portal. Cage rentals for Monday to Friday become available by 10 PM the day before, giving you ample time to plan your practice sessions. We understand that accessing your account may sometimes be a challenge. If you've signed up before or have taken lessons with us but cannot remember your login credentials, feel free to contact our facility. Our friendly staff will assist you in resetting your password or sending you a registration invitation. For weekend rentals, you can book up to a week in advance, ensuring you have enough time to secure your preferred time slot.

  3. Availability and Cancellations: At Beach City Baseball Academy, our facility is bustling with lessons and the Beach City Prospects practice. Therefore, cage rentals are limited to the open spots on a given day. If you are interested in booking a cage rental on the same day, please check our self-service portal. If no time slots are available, it means we are currently at full capacity. However, we encourage you to check back the next day or reload the page periodically, as cancellations may open up new opportunities for rentals.

  4. Individual and Group Rentals: Our cage rentals cater to both individuals and groups. Each cage can accommodate a maximum of two individuals, allowing for focused and individualized training sessions. If you have a group of 3-5 individuals, you can book a group rental for a minimum of one hour on weekends. Group rentals are priced at $75 per hour per cage. To schedule a group rental, please give us a call at 310-322-3955, and our dedicated staff will assist you in securing your reservation.

Elevate your game and make the most of your training sessions with cage rentals at Beach City Baseball Academy. Our reservation-based system ensures that you have exclusive access to our top-notch facilities, allowing you to focus on refining your skills. Remember to plan ahead, reserve your preferred time slot through our self-service portal, and check for cancellations if you're looking for a same-day rental.


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